Daniel Georgie Bremehr

Daniel Georgie Bremehr

I am a personal development enthusiast, process innovation expert, and internet technology professional based in New York City. At Oath / Verizon Media Group I have built and implemented business processes that support tens of millions in monthly targeted advertising revenue. As a technology consultant, I helped small businesses find and exploit efficiencies to run leaner and drive profitability.

I enjoy helping people innovate in their personal and professional lives through a focus on self-awareness and developing courage. On my blog I share practical opinions on subjects ranging from self-improvement and getting things done (GTD) to mental health, philosophy, and social issues. I’m an advocate for independent thought, fact-based civil discourse, and free speech; I have no political affiliations.

Any given weekend you can find me in your local Brooklyn coffee shop, lost in thought, engrossed in a book, or feverishly working on my latest project.